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Sr. Roohi Ghouri Sr. Roohi Ghouri Principal
Sr. Olive Fernandes Sr. Olive Fernandes Vice Principal

Faculty of Science
Teacher's Name Designation Subject
abia Ms. Abia Mall Lecturer and head of Formal Sciences Faculty Maths
saima shareef Ms. Saima Shareef Lecturer Physics
nazish Ms. Nazish Dildaar Lecturer Chemistry
javeria Ms. Javeria Javed Lecturer Chemistry
deena Ms. Deena R. Daniel Lecturer Chemistry
nooreen Ms. Nooreen Wamiq Lecturer Botany
Asif Ali Mr.Syed Asif Ali Lecturer Zoology
umer Dr. Umer Quershi Lecturer Botany
afshan_dabeer Ms.Afshan Dabeer Lecturer Physics
bushra Ms.Bushra Faisal Lecturer Zoology
jessica Ms. Jessica Ismat Lecturer Zoology
Naghma Ms.Naghma Fatima Lecturer Maths
nazish_fatima Ms.Nazish Fatima Lecturer Physics
saadia Ms.Saadia Razi Lecturer and Head of Bio science Faculty Microbiology
samrina Ms. Samrina Ahmed Lecturer Botany
sana Ms.Sana Zahid Lecturer Physics
tooba Ms.Tooba Karim Lecturer Microbiology
Tayyaba Ms.Tayyaba Munir Lecturer Chemistry
wilson Mr. Wilson William Lecturer Physics
Rehana Ifzal Dr. Rehana Ifzal Professor Chemistry
Fatima nooruddin Ms. Fatima Nooruddin Lecturer Business Mathematics
Ghazal Moin Ms. Ghazal Moin Lecturer Statistics
Farah Farooqi Ms. Farah Farooqi Lecturer Zoology
Faculty of Computer
Teacher's Name Designation Subject
Miss Daniya Kiran Ms. Daniya Kiran Qureshi (Computer Engineer) Lecturer Computers Science
Faculty of Commerce
Teacher's Name Designation Subject
hira Ms. Hira Noman Lecturer Accounting
sarah Ms.Sarah Khimani Lecturer POC and Buisness Law
firyal Ms. Firyal Kausar Lecturer English,
Business communication,
shahid Mr. Mohammad. Shahid Lecturer Accounting
Mr.M Qasim Sharif Lecturer Accounting
nazia Ms. Nazia Farooq Lecturer and Head of commerce faculty Economics
parvaty Ms. Parvaty Sharma Lecturer Banking
Faculty of Arts
Teacher's Name Designation Subject
Sr. Olive Fernandes Sr. Olive Fernandes Vice Principal and lecturer English
Humera Ms. Humera Qutb Lecturer Psychology
Sadia Zeeshan Ms. Sadia Zeeshan Lecturer Economics
seemin Ms. Seemin Qamar Lecturer Psychology
anita Ms. Anita D’souza Lecturer English
Musherfa Ms. Musherfa Butt Lecturer Pakistan Studies
talat Ms. Ms. Talat Jehan Lecturer English
afshan Ms. Afshan Irum Lecturer Urdu
najma Ms.Najma Khanum Lecturer Urdu
naveen Ms.Naveen Osama Lecturer Islamiat
Nida Ms. Nida Shabbir Lecturer English
rukhsana Ms.Rukhsana Ghani Lecturer Urdu
Saima Kashif Ms. Saima Kashif Lecturer Pakistan Studies
sajida Ms.Sajida Jamshed Lecturer Education
aisha Ms. Aisha Khalid Lecturer Sociology
noorunisa Ms.Noorunisa Khan Senior Lecturer and Head of Humanities Philosophy
oroosa Ms.Oroosa Hafeez Lecturer and Head of Social sciences Faculty Civics
shadab Ms. Shadab Nadeem Lecturer Islamiat
Reena Ms. Reena Rashid Lecturer English
Faculty of Sports
Teacher's Name Designation Subject
Coming Ms. Syeda Irum Bukhari PT Teacher --
Library Staff
Teacher's Name Designation Subject
samreen Ms. Samreen Fatima Chief Librarian --
nargis Ms. Nargis Fatima Librarian --
shabnam_ghouri Ms. Shabnam Ghouri Librarian --

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  • Fourth entry test of XI will be held on 23-Aug-2017.

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